Songbird Music – Luke Koleszar


Music has been a precious healer of my heart ever since I remember breaking out the moves to Jimmy Cliff reggae as a young child. I received my first guitar at 8 years of age, and took lessons for a short time without much progress. Four years later I began an intense 3 year period of guitar lessons, honing my skills as an understudy to Mike Page, a well respected guitarist and songwriter in Prince Edward Island. At 15 years of age I began composing.

I now consider myself a well-rounded and experienced singer and musician,  proficient with guitar, bass, banjo and harmonica.  I have a love of string instruments blended with melodic and lilting vocals,  I have had the opportunity to  performed at numerous open mics and live venues over some years,  and enjoy sharing the gift of live music in seniors homes occasionally. 

My deep love of music inspires and informs my professional massage therapy practice and larger life in general. In order to mobilize the healing capacity of music, I have recently launched my musical endeavour,  Songbird Music.  To be added to my mailing list for notification of live events,  or if you would like to schedule a house concert or a live performance at a seniors’ home, contact  me