Welcome to Songbird Music, the portal for Luke Koleszar’s musical endeavours. Music has been a precious healer of Luke’s heart ever since he can remember playing harmonica along with Jimmy Cliff, The Harder They Come, as a young child. Left-handed, Luke received his first guitar at 8 years of age, and took lessons for a short time with small hands and little progress.

Four years later, with larger hands, he began an intense 3 year period of guitar lessons, honing his musical skills as an understudy to Mike Page, a well respected guitarist and songwriter on Prince Edward Island.  Feeling music much more authentically from the heart rather than reading sheet music, Luke began writing and arranging songs at the age of 15.

He considers himself a well rounded folk & coffeehouse artist, with sweet strings and lilting, melodic vocals. Though some have compared Luke’s style to Tom Waits, Jack Johnson,  Hawksley Workman and Sting, his guitar style and harmonies are both unique and inspiring.  His love of strings runs deep, and he feels great joy diving into bass, banjo, harmonica and guitar. 

He is most at home in the presence of live music, both attending and performing,  and has found himself on stage at countless venues and open mics during his years in Toronto,  Luke has also enjoyed opportunities to share music in-home with seniors and in daycare with kids, which are both a privilege and an honour for him. 

Luke’s deep love of music inspires and informs his professional Thai Massage & Massage Therapy practice, which specializes in correcting and balancing bio-mechanics. He especially enjoys working with musicians in this capacity.

Luke launched Songbird Music in 2019 for the purpose of facilitating and mobilizing the healing power of music. If you would like to stay informed of new releases, buy Luke’s CD’s, or schedule a house concert or a live performance, contact info@songbirdmusic.ca.

Thank you for sharing this far and wide. Music is medicine, and medicine is for sharing!