At the Feet of Giants

At the Feet of Giants

At the Feet of Giants is a collection of cover tracks (and one of Luke’s original tracks, ‘My New Attitude’). by artists who have offered great inspiration and joy on Luke’s journey of music and life.

‘Gale Song’ by Lumineers, ‘Under African Skies’ by Paul Simon, ‘The Park’ by Feist, ‘Littlest Birds’ by The Be Good Tanyas, ‘In the Road’ by Sarah Harmer, ‘Firedoor’ by Ani Difranco, ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’ by Death Cab for Cutie, ‘Family’ by Dar Williams, ‘Pot of Gold’ by Jory Nash, ‘Helpless’ by Neil Young, ‘Weighty Ghost’ by Wintersleep,  ‘My New Attitude’ by Luke Koleszar-Green. 

Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, percussion, vocals, mixing and mastering on all tracks by Luke Koleszar-Green. Special thanks to Sonia D’Cunha for vocals on ‘The Park’ and ‘I Will Follow You Into the Dark’.

Grandmother Child

Image: Grandmother Child CoverGrandmother Child is an album of Luke’s original songs recorded in 2001. The title track is dedicated to the memory of Helen Lazier, who had a profound impact on Luke in his formative years. Luke performed a rousing version of his title track ‘Grandmother Child’, at the funeral service of Helen Lazier, and he performed a heartfelt rendition of ‘I Am Not Here’ at the funeral of his grandmother, Ella Wesley.

Lead guitar on ‘Runaway’ and rhythm guitar and vocals on all tracks by Luke Koleszar-Green.

Backing vocals on ‘I Am Not Here’ and ‘Mountains and Oceans’, Jennifer Woodill

Lead guitar, bass, keys, mixing and mastering by Gad Foltys.